About Us

Liburania is not just company. Liburania  is a friend,business partner, and consist of people who have same values about how should the future will shape people and business interaction.

Our Mission

Being a Trusted Solution Technology for Tourism Industrial Landscape.

Our Plan

Bring more tourism business collaborated into one single simple environment.

Our Vision

We have a vision where people, technology and tourism combine into one integrated system that help people do the their holiday and business more efficient and ease.


Some our solutions are :

System As A Service (SAAS)

We are using SAAS , that means , no need for our client to buy any hardware and security systems to run this system, including maintanance. we accelerate this for you.

Payment Schema

We understand more and more time they way of people buy is changing. Therefore we here in liburania always try to catch up that method and implement to our system, so our client will receive the update way of doing payment

Latest Features

We always listen to what our client says, therefore once it is beneficial for the system and business environemt we will put it in our latest modules. Our client can use it this latest modules or not is just an option.

Sales Support

Supported with our sophisticated system and professional sales, we will co-working with your sales team to improve and maximise sales revenue from multi channel distribution.

3rd Party Integration

We will help you to connect the system with any other liable 3rd Party system to enrich the system features.

Integrated Front-Mid-Back System

We  provide our client with one intergrated system from sales to inventory and financial management.

Call To Action

If you see and think our solution is what you need now, feel free to contact us

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SMESCO Building, Jl Jendral Gatot Subroto Kav 94, Jakarta 12780 DKI Jakarta,Indonesia